From Alicia – Feed the Homeless – December 2009


I should be thanking you for the LOL project! My son, granddaughter and his girlfriend were so humbled by the experience and they all want to do it again! At one point when we were giving out the boxes, a homeless pregnant lady went up to my son and told him that she was pregnant, Miguel put his hands on her belly and prayed for her and her baby right there on the street!!!!! I cried when I saw what was happening! I was so blessed watching my son, and felt so much joy in my heart to know that he too loves the Lord and that our father dwells in my son! There was even a preacher that I handed a box of food to because he asked me for one and was hungry, he prayed over me, our cause, all the volunteers and all the people who donate, and for you, Tony and Kiko! It was such a rewarding experience, that I need to THANK YOU!


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