From Renee – Feed the Homeless – March 24, 2012

Shirley * Tony *Kiko:

Thanks for Opening Your Heart and Home to the Labor of Love Family One more Time. We love and appreciate you and the Labor of Love Family. LOL We love All of you, we really mean it from our heart to yours.

Here is my take away from our event of Feeding the Homeless in downtown LA by the home grown, grassroots group of friends and family called Labor of Love who sacrifices time, talent and treasury to serve Gods people. All the Glory Be to God for He is our Soul Watcher and Protector. Normally, in ministry The harvest is plenty but the labors are few, but not in this case, God showed up and those that came were enough to do the job with excellence and precision.

Remember what God did with two fish and five loaves of bread.

Wow! What a time we had assembling Friday and distributing the food on Saturday March 24, 2012. Well we set off to downtown Los Angeles from Shirley and Tony’s house in West
Covina and just like we anticipated, the streets and park across from Union Station was loaded with homeless individuals and families. We were excited, ready to serve and equipped to spread God’s Love.

This is where we met Victor E. a homeless man who we served a meal box and scriptures. Victor was so appreciative. He found us 10 minutes later and testified about some people giving out food and told us to find them and get some. Victor did not realized it was us who fed him 10 minutes earlier since we were in a car handing out food and now we were foot soldiers serving. He was glad to know it was us who shared with him, he flagged us down and asked Larry and I to pray for him. We did just that, he was so touched by the Holy Spirit. He told us he had not felt such love in many years. We all wept. He followed us across the street to the team where he told us to call his daughter and tell her he loved her. Seems he had been in jail and is now homeless. He was ashamed to see his family. He lost hope in his situation. We left our numbers with Victor and Larry asked if he was cold. When he responded yes, Larry ran to his truck and returned with his favorite leather jacket as a parting gift for Victor. It touched all our hearts.

Victor felt and looked good. He puffed up like he was the King of the Union Station area for the day. He enjoyed the food, the fellowship and the abundance of God’s love we poured on him. He expressed his gratitude for his Honey Bun and bottled water which he proudly displayed as he walked away.

We were full of God’s love and victory. Our team consisted of LaToya, Denali, Nick, Alicia, Mike, Miguel, Wanda, Cheryl, Cameron, Gracie, Larry and others whose names I apologically forgot. Charge it to my mind and not my heart. We were all on fire for the Lord, serving with all humility and grace.

All of our team will never forget Victor who told us and showed us 11 bullet wounds in his body from his days of street warfare. He is a new man now, his heart is being renewed. We assured him of his salvation he claimed years ago. We prayed for his strength and protection. We told him he was spared by God to do great things. He agreed and expressed how we all are waiting to see what Gods purpose is in our lives. We let him know that only by God’s Grace are we who we are in him.

We gave out lots of boxes and proceeded to the LA Mission area. Oh my God, our other teams had been to the area before us, we knew because our beloved homeless friends were all over the place eating out of our Labor or Love white boxes. We even met other people from a local Spanish Church feeding our beloved homeless friends as well. We congratulated each other and praised God we were on the same mission.

Our team split up with Alicia and I in our Jeeps and Cheryl, her family plus Toya leading that team to Pershing Square, Wall Street and the 5th Street area. We worked together like a well oiled machine.

There are so many people to serve. We prayed with them along the way. They prayed for us, we received lots of love and support from people from all walks of life. It is refreshing to know we were not the only ones serving our people in downtown Los Angeles on March 24th. Caring hearts are catching on, the spirit of piety and serving Gods people was a shared experience today. It felt good to know 700 lives enjoyed a good meal, a spirit of Hope and Gods word.

We completed our mission and headed for breakfast at Felipes where we compared testimonies, caught up on what has been going on in our lives since our last feeding event six months ago and we discussed best practices for our next distribution strategy.

We look forward to getting together again with our Labor of Love family as Larry and I celebrate our 25th Anniversary around July 2012. We will keep you posted.

God bless you all and May all of our prayers we sent up to God on Saturday be answered. While we are waiting on God to deliver the desires of our heart, may we encourage each other and strengthen our faith to stand on his Word. May we study his Word and apply it to our lives.

We are the Light Of the World, we Must let our light shine so men and women and children can see it and be guided to make a difference. God will never leave nor forsake us. We are his precious creation.

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