from Shirley – May 28, 2012

Hello everyone!!!! 

I hope you are all having a nice Memorial holiday!!!  Just want to share with all of you this photo I took last May 19 at St Christopher Parish flea market day.  Linda and her sister, Cindy and her husband Paul had a stall each.  Tony and I went to see them and this was what we saw:


memorial day

I was speechless!!!  Linda and Cindy did not tell me anything about this.  LOL received $93.00 donation from both of them.  The homeless are so blessed and loved because of generous people like Linda, Cindy and Paul.  Labor of Love continues to do its mission because we have many generous friends and benefactors who find ways to reach out to help the poor.  I am so proud of our group and greatly blessed.  We have an awesome group of loving people who continue to spread the love of God through the homeless. 

Please share this to your families and friends.  An act of charity is truly an easy thing to do and it comes from God.  God bless and have a great summer to all.

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