Truly when it rains blessings, it pours…

Daniel Munoz who joined our Feed the Homeless ministry for the very first time last December 06 was again used by God to channel His provisions via the company he drives for, the COCA-COLA COMPANY.

Daniel was so moved by his experience with Labor of Love that he told all about it to his manager, Jackie Antunez, who in return, asked him to tell Shirley to contact her. So call she did, and after having tete-a-tete about Labor of Love, Jackie said that she will have a look at our website and shall keep in touch with Shirley.

The next day, the surprise news came that Coca-Cola is donating 12 cases of assorted drinks!!! And Shirley was even told to call again each time an event will be coming up!! How cool is that?!!

Thank you Daniel Munoz, Thank you Jackie Antunez of the Coca-Cola Company, you not only ‘OPEN HAPPINESS’ to the homeless but also inspire us to do more because of support we get from many generous hearts. May God bless you!




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