Lent 2014

hello to all. I hope everyone is doing well. It’s time for our EASTER Feed the Homeless event.

Next week on Wednesday, March 5 is Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday 2014

this marks the beginning of Lent. During this season of Lent let us be reminded why Christ died on the cross. One of the communal disciplines of Lent is alms giving, this is our project. We have to share Christ’s suffering and those of the homeless by charity. We are all capable to sharing and caring. Any act of charity is greatly appreciated, be it monetary, in kinds, your time and prayers so we can continue doing our Labor of Love mission to feed the hungry. Love if not shared is not love at all. Please share your Love for Christ through our poor brethren.

Thank you, take care, and God Bless,

Shirley, Tony and Kiko

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