Vessel of Blessings… by Renee Willis

Happy Resurrection Holiday 2014 – Labor of Love Family and Friends

Greetings and Blessings to You All From Renee Willis:

What a blessing it was to gather with our Christian brothers and sisters to serve God’s people. As we gathered at Shirley and Tony’s house 4/19/14 the place was anointed with a fresh sprinkling of the Holy Spirit. You could feel it everywhere. It just feels right and comforting.

The work of fundraising, buying and packaging the food was done by so many who did their part days before we arrived. Thanks to all. Thanks to In N Out and St. Christopher Church.

We always feel as though we are going home when we meet two times a year to get ready for service on Skid Row. We give thanks for the hard work that went on days before Saturday morning’s pilgrimage to downtown Los Angeles to feed God’s less fortunate with spiritual food and a meal. Thanks Shirley for this 12 year old vision. God’s favor is still upon us. Hallelujah!!!

Fr. L-R: Alicia, Melissa, Renee, Stephanie, Shirley and Tony

Fr. L-R: Alicia, Melissa, Renee, Stephanie, Shirley and Tony

Every time we go to Shirley and Tony’s house to prepare for our trip to Los Angeles to feed the homeless we are met with miracles. We pray before we go asking our Lord and Savior to use us for HIS service and Glory. We thank him for our families, friends and for blessing us although we do not deserve it. We ask for his continual healing and restoration. We ask him to protect us and bless the homeless with provisions. Oh My Goodness, He used us to be a vessel of Honor and Hope once again. Every year we have a new and improved crew of Christians who buys food, donate funds, food, delivers the food and a message to those who hunger and thirst for God’s word. The meal helps to feel their body and the Word speaks to their heart. We deliver a message of Hope.

Our core team join forces two times a year to go downtown to Skid Row, some are new faces, some are returning pilgrims ready to serve again and some are veteran Christians who are on the battlefield all year long serving in God’s vineyard at one capacity or another. This is a vital part of our ministry – Feeding The Poor and serving God’s people. It is the capstone of our Christianity. Saving souls for Our Lord and sharing Gods Love.

We set out to be a blessing but every year without fail we are blessed beyond measure. This year Easter/Resurrection holiday season 2014 was no different. We brought new recruits with us to partner with the veteran pilgrims and we fed over 750 hungry souls with scriptures and a meal. Every person except one was elated to see us. The person who did not return the love we shared was a little disappointed we could not give her two meals. We love everyone the same, the broken hearted needed it the most. Mental Illness is a very real issue, we pray those suffering from this disease will receive the help they need. May God continue to bless this ministry and everyone who is a part of it. To God Be The Glory for the Things He Continues to Do in and Through Us.

Thank you all for allowing Larry, our family/friends and I to be a part of this awesome ministry year after year.

Professor Renee C. Willis, MBA
Glendora, California – April 2014

We invited Don Burwell, Melissa Husband and Ron Husband. Special thanks to all the first timers. You are a part of us now. See you in six months.

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