A Heartfelt Testimonial – by Renee Willis

Saturday, December 6, 2014

To Dr. Shirley Mirador and the Labor of Love Family:

Thank you Shirley, Tony, Linda, Kiko and everyone for your hard work and sacrifice. Your dream is still touching lives.  We are really demonstrating the change we want to see in this world.  We are all thankful and honored to be a vital part of the Labor of Love Family.

We did it again, the Favor of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was with us once again.  Today was Magical!!

What a beautiful day complete with sunshine, a clean Fall breeze, the hospitality of Shirley and Tony to open up their home Friday and Saturday to once again launch Operation 2014 Labor of Love.  It was encouraging to see the willingness of family & friends gathering together all happy and excited to serve the Homeless.  You could feel the ever so present presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ plus relatives looking down from heaven over us.  Seems like the angels in Heaven were cheering us on!!

It was electric today as we packed up the 700 plus food boxes complete with warm chicken, potato wedges and other food items. We carted cases and cases of water to distribute as well.  Each box was packed with precision and love.  The donations, the shoppers, the assemblers and the distributors all work in tandem, self-regulated and prepared to feed the least among us down at Skid Row, St. Christopher’s Church and/or in the community once again.

I believe this is our 10th or so year, I’ve lost count.  What I do know is that we have grown in our prayer life, despite many obstacles, challenges and victories; we have grown in our boldness to want to serve all people at every opportunity.  We have a calling on our lives to spread the Good News, Food, Hope and the gospel of salvation.

We are stronger than we were before, more confidence is being displayed, and we are readily telling others of the manifestation of Jesus in our lives.  We are freely giving others an encouraging word of hope.  We are all challenged by something but are neither down trodden nor Hopeless. Instead we are Hopeful because of the friends and family who lift us in prayer and who keeps us encouraged to go the extra mile to represent a true and living God within us. We are not too busy to stop and lend a helping hand to someone in need. Labor of Love team members are growing in numbers, favor and in faith.

We packed our cars, trucks and headed for Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles a six (6) vehicle caravan packed with 700 meals. We are prayed up, excited and on one accord, going to do the work we were called to do, feed the disadvantaged plus transfer HOPE.  We realize it is better to give than to receive.  We know and realize the true meaning of this season.

Our hearts are excited and just about as full as our cars which held close to 700 dinners for our homeless population in the Los Angeles Skid Row neighborhood.  Men, Women and Lots of Children greeted us.  It was at times over whelming to see the multitude of people in need.  We came to feed them with HOPE, but they fed us with GRATITUDE for what we shared.  Our hearts are full of memorable moments of people who seen FAITH IN ACTION once again.

We represent something bigger than ourselves.  We are honored to be a part of Dr. Shirley, Tony and Kiko’s family of friends and relatives called LABOR OF LOVE.  We know that faith comes by hearing the Word of God and from applying his Word in Deeds and Actions towards HIS people.  Our leap of faith was increased today and touched humanity in a tangible way.  We are fulfilled.

Thank you to all the Labor of Love Volunteers who sacrifice their TIME, TALENT and TREASURY to make a difference in the lives of people in need of a good meal and the love of the Lord in their lives.

One member of our team gave his sweatshirt to a man in need, others gave words of encouragement, another showed patience and yet another gave love and compassion.  We came to show love and demonstrate that we respect everyone and love unconditionally by sharing what we have.

In the book of Matthew 25, Verse 35 Jesus says “For I was hungry and you gave Me food, I was thirsty and You gave Me drink, I was a stranger and You took Me In, I was naked and You clothed Me”

Jesus is telling us what we do for the Poor, Hungry, Homeless is as if we are serving Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior personally.

This is a great message for ALL people.  It is truly not about us, it is about caring for one another whether we feel like it or not.  Our Glendora High School students, our newlyweds, our first timers, our old timers who come to serve every six (6) months thank you. We love and appreciate you.  Thank you for being a part of this project called Labor of Love.  It is a great team of compassionate, loving people who just want to demonstrate the love of God for ALL people in need.

To God Be the Glory!!

Each One, Reach One, Tell someone about our Labor of Love feed the homeless project.  Pass the Word, as we continue the great work in West Covina at St. Christopher’s Church, On Skid Row feeding the Homeless and In the Community at Large.  We are not a corporate organization with sponsors, we are self-funded and MIGHTY in effectiveness and love.  We need more donations to reach more people.  Freely give what you can.

To God Be the Glory for each and every one of you who believes in this project and who shows up year after year.  Your work is written down in Heaven and in the Hearts of Many.

Thanks to all the contributions from everyone.  We are new and improved after each Labor of Love project. Join us, your life will be changed forever.  Happy Holidays!!!!

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