Yes, Miracles do Happen!

Hello Family and Friends: I love you.

I thank God for you all. I have a testimony to share with you and an AWAKENING for me. God helped me dodge a bullet.

Thank you so much for who you are in my life it means a lot. Drop me an email from time to time. Let me know how you are doing. I am homebound.

Life is so short with many twists and turns. You just don’t know from one moment to the next what is around the bend. That is why I live my life in Technicolor – trying to be the best ME I can be and attempting to help others do the same. This little light of mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine. You all know I live this. Go hard at what you are purposed to do in this life. Read the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and the Four Agreements by Senor Don Luis. Stay in the school of life and make sound choices. We all have many talents, find out what they are and use them all for yourself and mainly to help others. Be good to yourself but not self-centered. Listen to your body. Show Love by smiling at everyone. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Being right all the time is no fun.

Give to yourself by investing in your education, your family and relationships with friends. Volunteer in the community always seeking to help those in need. You will see the many benefits. Stay in touch with me and let me know if I can help you.


Last Friday 8/21, I experienced chest pains and shortness of breath which sent me to the ER. Pain was so bad morphine did not work. They sent me home at 3 am and called me back to ER Saturday morning. Turns out a second Radiologist found what the first Radiologist missed the night before.
A miracle!

They discovered I have a large blood clot in my lung. Thank God it traveled and lodged in my lung which gave me a warning that I listened to. The clot is still there and must be dissolved with medication. I was hospitalized for four days and am home now. If I did not go to the ER, I could have died. If it travelled to my heart it would have been lights out. I am grateful for the warning and another chance to get myself healed so I can help myself and others.

I must inject myself in the tummy two times a day and get my blood drawn daily. I feel like a pin cushion and am a bit bruised up but I am here.
My life has changed for the moment and has taken a sudden turn. I am blessed with salvation, a husband, family and friends who truly love me. I am happy you are among that team.

Listen to your body and act quickly if you get a warning. Better to be safe than……..

Make every moment count, enjoy life and make a difference. Si Se Puede!!! Yes You Can!!!

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