Recap of the Labor of Love Project Christmas 2015



by:  Renee Willis


Thank you Shirley, Tony and Kiko Mirador for opening your Home and Hearts.

Thank you Donors, Packers, Prayer Warriors, Social Media Technicians, Food Distributors and Volunteers.

Labor of Love Project Christmas 2015 was spectacular as expected.  What a Joy it is to see my Brothers and Sisters in Christ in Action.  I look forward to this gathering every six months – Christmas and Resurrection Sunday – Easter.  We greeted each other like the true family we are.  Love is Every Where.  We are always on one accord executing our Mission of Mercy for those less fortunate than us on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles.  We met at Tony and Shirley’s home to add the final touches (Adding Hot Chicken) to the already assembled beautiful white boxes filled with a great meal.  We attained our goal of feeding 750+ thanks to the awesome donors, shoppers and volunteers.

What a blessing it was to see the new patio at the Mirador residence provided by Fannie and family.  Linda’s daughter Crystal had us hopping as she executed her well thought out assembly line.  I love it when the young adults take charge.  Welcome to all the seasoned volunteers and a special welcome to all the new faces we met.  From the children to the young adults to the seasoned crew WE ARE FAMILY.  The sun and the SON OF GOD shined on us that morning.  Our circle of prayer consisted of lots of Thanksgiving and prayers of supplication for others.  God has been so good to us.  We meet every six months but I wish it was more frequent, the spirit of caring and piety is contagious, more people should experience the Labor of Love Project.  We are a small yet might group of people (50+) trying to make a difference in this world, one life at a time.  Thanks to all of the volunteers and Shirley opening up her heart and home one more time to host this very powerful demonstration of God’s Love In Action.

Well, we loaded our boxes of food (750+) into eight or so cars and headed downtown to Skid Row under the leadership of Larry Willis our Sargent of Arms.  On 2nd and Los Angeles Street, we met our new recruits Louis and Angela, my co-worker from Toyota.  What a blessing these soldiers of the cross were in executing our food distribution efforts. 

We were blessed with God’s Love and protection as we headed to the front line to show God’s Love and Hope to those less fortunate than us on Skid Row – in the vicinity of 5th, San Pedro and San Julian Street.  I am amazed at the faces of our volunteers, some fully confident and others very excited to demonstrate Faith in Action.  We received a warm welcome.  For the new comers it is an awakening to see people on Skid Row who look like you or someone you know.  We are mentored by Larry Willis before we go to reside in a mindset of giving and sharing and not to focus on one’s circumstance of how they ended up on Skid Row.  That is between them and God. Our focus is to deliver LOVE, HOPE and Food.

Well, we made lots of people very happy on Saturday, December 5, 2015 – It marked our 14th year of spreading Love in a tangible way to over 750+ souls.  We are better off from the experience and elated we could touch the lives of men, women and children in a way that would make our Father very happy.

Through this Labor of Love Event – My life has changed for the better – I am a witness, we are the change we want to see in this world.  We all in this Labor of Love Project have a mindset of being 0ther person centered while delivering THE WORD OF GOD, HOPE and FOOD to ALL who are in need.

Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year To Everyone!!

Renee Willis – Labor of Love Volunteer for 14 years

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