December 2016 Feed the Homeless

Love ought to show itself in deeds over and above words. ~St Ignatius de Loyola

“Let us NOT love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth…” ~1John 3:18.

Dear LOL families and friends,

I hope everyone had a good summer. It’s time for our Christmas Feed the Homeless events again and I’m looking forward to seeing you all and meeting new friends.

Thank you Lord for allowing us to serve you through our less fortunate brethren. Congratulations and more power to us for keeping our mission stronger than ever. We continue to grow and provide one decent meal twice a year because of your generosity and kindness. What a blessing to all!!!

To our new friends, thank you for your support and we hope and pray that you will continue to serve our brethren in Christ.

Please check out this webpage for updates and please share this to your families and friends. There are so many who are willing to serve poor, please tell them about LOL and what we do.

For the 2016 Christmas Feed the Homeless Events, here is the schedule of events:

Friday, Dec 2, 2016 at 3pm: Preparation of care bags at this address: 809 S. Gaybar Ave., West Covina CA 91790

Saturday, Dec 3, 2016 at 7am: Final Preparation and Distribution in Downtown LA

Friday, Dec 9, 2016 at 6pm: St Christopher Church (629 S Glendora Ave., West Covina, CA 91790)

We will be serving lunch/dinner for 1,150 people and this is our menu for this event:

**St Christopher (150): (Fried Chicken Dinner-with corn, mashed potato, coleslaw, dinner rolls and cup cake)

**Downtown LA (1000): fried chicken, potato wedges, bottled water, fruit, honey buns, energy bars, chips and cookies.

Our roll-over funds from Easter is $3,175.90. As always, thank you Linda and Patti for planning and budgeting the meals that we lovingly prepare. In order for us to have the resources and ability to continue with our mission for both Easter and Christmas, your participation is greatly desired. Please contact me if you wish to participate in any way with our mission.

For those who want to donate in kinds, here is the list of items that you can donate 2 weeks before the events.

For the Event in Downtown (Dec 2, 2016-preparation day):
1000 bottles of water
1000 energy bars
1000 chips
1000 chocolate bars

For the Event at the Winter Shelter at St Christopher Church-Dec 9, 2016:
150 cupcakes

Here is my contact information:
Shirley Mirador
Tel # 626-252-8044

Once again, I pray and urge you to join in our 2016 Feed the Homeless Christmas Events. Spread the word that LOL cares! Please share this to your families and friends who would be interested in feeding the homeless this Christmas. Let us celebrate His birth by feeding the poor.

If you have any ideas or suggestion/s, please do not hesitate to share via our contact form page or simply getting in touch with me. Remember, SHARING IS CARING!!!! Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your generosity.

God bless and love to all,

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