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Feeding the Homeless and Hungry is our “LABOR OF LOVE”


This project began in 2005 by a few of us at the National Institute of Transplantation, along with some families and friends. We started in December 2005 preparing food and goodies for 25 homeless people.


Since then, we have been doing this twice a year, the Saturday before Easter and the Saturday before Christmas.

The true meaning of this celebration is reaching out to our less fortunate brethren. Our blessings mean more if we share. Sharing is caring and we are all capable of this. From the 25 lunches we started with, we jumped to 150 because we had so many generous friends giving their time and financial support. It was then we decided to add 50 care bags each time we do the project.


There is no specific place or distribution area. We distribute the food in skid row, and on streets where we see the homeless. We drive around Los Angeles, looking for the homeless. One Easter, we went under the bridges and found so many homeless brethren. We also discovered a place called “Tent City” in Ontario, California. We look for the homeless everywhere, as a lot of them are too far from the soup kitchen. They are the ones that we want to reach out to because they have no access to the soup kitchen.


Currently there are a thousand care bags being distributed during Easter and Christmas and it is still growing with God’s love and compassion through the many volunteers!!





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